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Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation Company has been established in (1999/05/23), and its main activity is in the field of Simulation and Training Devices. High quality and low cost training improves safety of the operators and users of the High Tech vehicles and equipments. Simulators are used to simulate sophisticated and expensive devices such as airplanes, Trains and Ships and they are used for personnel training.

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation is ready to have international cooperation in the field of Simulation in the form of Joint Venture and Technology Transfer for producing simulators for new customers. Please contact us for further information.

Member of Flight Simulation Association - USA

Our Certified TB-21 Flight Simulator .More information here

Airbus 320 simulator.More information here.

Fokker 100 simulator is ready for sale to airlines and flight schools.More information here.

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A320 Overhead

Airbus320 Flight Simulator

Is designed and built specially to meet the requirements of all types of aviation pilot training.The Airbus A320 flight simulator was developed to fill the gap between flight procedure trainers and full motion flight simulators.


A320 Flight Training Device is a cost effective Training device that is upgradeable to Full Flight Simulator (FFS). It is designed and built to meet EASA and FAA standards requirements. Therefore, this is considered as an investment for the buyer.

Installation Requirements
Area of the room.  A320 FTD can be installed in a 4 by 6 meters rooms with normal office rooms heights. In larger rooms we need to use partitions to isolate the FTD such that avoiding distractions during training sessions.No special floor preparation, required.Fire detection and Fire extinguishers are required in the installation area.
Electrical supply. Single phase 220 volts 50Hz 15 Amps electric mains supply is required in the installation room. UPS with 4kwHours is to be used to support the system for 2 hours during mains cutoffs. An earth connection is required for extra safety
Ventilation and air conditioning is essential for the operation of FTDs. The room temperature should be kept cool for longer life of the computers and electronics systems and projectors

Instructor position And servicing station.
Instructor has a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse that enable instructor to observe, save or replay each flight session. Instructor can also impose faults.Instructor can change weight of the aircraft, can control wind speed and direction of wind. New airports can be added to the system using this consol. Changes can be made to airports.Radio stations (NDBs, VORs, DME, ILS, etc) can be added or updated or change location using this console.
This console can be used for tuning electronics sensors and adjusting flight control levers.This console can be used as a TEST Equipment to Test electronic boards and circuits.

QTG and Maintenance manual  will be supplied by the manufacturer.
Log books with customer logo will be supplied by customer.

Delivery time from the time of signing the contract and receiving 30% down payment would be 12 months. Custom formalities and local transports to customer site will be done by customer.


Two person (customer staff)  will be trained to operate and maintain the FTD.

Note: Local transport and accommodation for installation team (3 person from manufacturer staff)  will be provided by the buyer.