About Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation Company has been established in (1999/05/23), and its main activity is in the field of Simulation and Training Devices. High quality and low cost training improves safety of the operators and users of the High Tech vehicles and equipments. Simulators are used to simulate sophisticated and expensive devices such as airplanes, Trains and Ships and they are used for personnel training.

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation is ready to have international cooperation in the field of Simulation in the form of Joint Venture and Technology Transfer for producing simulators for new customers. Please contact us for further information.

Member of Flight Simulation Association - USA

Our Certified TB-21 Flight Simulator .More information here

Airbus 320 simulator.More information here.

Fokker 100 simulator is ready for sale to airlines and flight schools.More information here.

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Fokker 100 flight simulator

Fokker 100 flight simulator is designed and built specially to meet the requirements of all types of aviation pilot training.

EASCo. air crafts simulators consists of four computers:

Outside View Computers
Instructor Computer (center computer)
Pedestal and Overhead
Main Instrument Panel Computer
Sound system is controlled by pedestal computer.

F100 Fire Handle

Features of Main Instruments Panel:

All instruments are made by EAS Co.
All Navigation Displays
Primary Flight Displays
Stand by Instruments
Multifunction Displays.

Features of Instructor computer:

Creating Emergencies
Position Freeze
Flight Freeze
Repositioning the Aircraft
Saving Flights
Controlling Wind Speed and Direction
Radio Stations, Navaids, ILS … can be updated.

F100 Overhead Panel

Features of Outside View:

Day and Night Flights
Rain, Snow, Cloudy and Clear Sky
Sun and Moon Synchronized
Airports of Cities of your choice
Airport lights and taxi ways according to the chosen airport

Night Lighting

Features of Sound System:

Individual Engine Sounds
Landing Gear Sounds
Stall Warning
Annunciation & Warnings
Cockpit and System Sounds

Fokker 100 Flight simulator feature modular construction of the cockpit/flight deck. This means that replacement of any module can be done by any technician. Replacement of a module simply requires shipment of the module to the client. The servers that power the flight simulator are in direct contact with EASCo.