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Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation Company has been established in (1999/05/23), and its main activity is in the field of Simulation and Training Devices. High quality and low cost training improves safety of the operators and users of the High Tech vehicles and equipments. Simulators are used to simulate sophisticated and expensive devices such as airplanes, Trains and Ships and they are used for personnel training.

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation is ready to have international cooperation in the field of Simulation in the form of Joint Venture and Technology Transfer for producing simulators for new customers. Please contact us for further information.

Member of Flight Simulation Association - USA

Our Certified TB-21 Flight Simulator .More information here

Airbus 320 simulator.More information here.

Fokker 100 simulator is ready for sale to airlines and flight schools.More information here.

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Our Certified TB-21 Flight Simulator:

Brief technical description:

The mathematical model of the engine, propeller, airframe and control surface of the aircraft are very accurately calculated and tested until the simulator behavior satisfied the standard requirments.

The followings are some of the simulated equipments and systems:

Audio Panel
Electric attitude ind
Airdriven Attitude ind
Altimeters Airspeed indicator
Turn Coordinator
Stall Warning
Landing Gears
Brakes and Parking brake
Flight controls
Pitch Trim
Rudder TAB
Flaps Control Levers
Engine Control Levers (Throttle, Mixture, Propeller)
L&R magnets Start Switch
Main SW & Alternator SW
Fuel Pump
Fuel Selector
Engine Indicators (M.P. CHT,EGT, Fuel Flow indictor, Oil Press, Oil Temp, RPM, LH&RH Fuel Quantity) - OAT
All TB21 Switches
All TB21 Warning Lights
Hours Meter
Suction Gauge
Cabin Light
Microphones and headphones for communication