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Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation Company has been established in (1999/05/23), and its main activity is in the field of Simulation and Training Devices. High quality and low cost training improves safety of the operators and users of the High Tech vehicles and equipments. Simulators are used to simulate sophisticated and expensive devices such as airplanes, Trains and Ships and they are used for personnel training.

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation is ready to have international cooperation in the field of Simulation in the form of Joint Venture and Technology Transfer for producing simulators for new customers. Please contact us for further information.

Member of Flight Simulation Association - USA

Our Certified TB-21 Flight Simulator .More information here

Airbus 320 simulator.More information here.

Fokker 100 simulator is ready for sale to airlines and flight schools.More information here.

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Product detail

Is a low cost simulator for Flight Schools, Clubs and Technical schools. Engine instruments and controls, Primary and Navigation instruments and radios are simulated for in-depth training. More information...

This Device meets the JAR STD standards and Training Pilots can log their flight hours in their logbooks. More information...

For all types of user specific needs upon request. More information...

Ebrahimi Advanced Simulation markets a low-Cost flight simulator for flight schools. This will be used for familiarization purposes before students fly in. More information...